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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Girls Night

This morning we went over to Sherry's house to install a ceiling fan in the kitchen. We arrived around 11am, and Tyler confidently said it would be a "quick job." 3 hours later we left...and so it goes! But I had fun playing rummikub with Sherry and Anna didn't want to leave because she was having fun with Sariah.

Afterwards, Anna begged to go play with Brenna-since she didn't get to yesterday which we had planned on doing. So I dropped her off and then went to the church to get some music ready for choir tomorrow. I came home and chatted with my super wonderful friend, Kathey, on the phone. We came to the conclusion that I need my time alone. I need that time to be the most effective wife & mother. I feel a sense of accomplishment just in learning that about myself. However, I suspect that many people need time alone, not just me.

Shannon & I went over to Sarah's house and we watched half of a 6 hour movie while eating chips & dip and fabulous honey brownies-so yummy! It was so nice to get some time with just girlfriends. I really needed it. :)

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melisa said...

Finally got caught up on your blog! You sound like a social butterfly! For someone who needs alone time, you sure do a lot with friends! ;)