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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Anna & I went to the hospital on-base to the lab to have my blood drawn. They seriously had 7 vials to fill with blood. When the guy finished, I asked if he left any blood for me! I imagined myself fainting over the loss of blood...but I didn't, thank goodness. I also have the PLEASURE of a 24 hour urine collection. I have this lovely orange jug to keep my urine in beginning tomorrow morning. I can't remember exactly why I'm doing this...anyone remember why this has to be done for fertility reasons??

Anna & I went over and surprised Tyler at work. It was fun seeing him and spending a little time. We came home and I fed Anna some lunch before she got on the bus. I did some eBay stuff on the computer and checked my emails. Before I knew it-it was after 3pm and Tyler came home, followed by Anna. They went outside and made another snowman, I intend to include a picture in this blog. Tyler went off to class while Anna & I did some cleaning around the house, followed by some intense board games, ending with scriptures + bedtime routine. :) After Anna went to bed I did some major laundry, dishes, cleaning, scripture reading & planned the meals for the week and some ward musical numbers for the next month. I feel like today was quite productive. I did plan to do some scrapbooking--which I always PLAN on doing, but have not as yet actually DONE yet. Maybe tomorrow I will get to do it. After this next wave of eBay items are done, I can imagine having more time. I have 54 items listed...that will keep me busy when it's time to ship them out, eh?

Tyler has been doing some reading about insulin resistance and feels confident that I am in the early stages of diabetes. He also feels that if I will accept this idea that I will work more diligently to be strict on this plan of action that my infertility specialist has given me. I'm having trouble accepting this idea, but maybe I should "outsmart myself" and this may, indeed, help me in the long run. :)

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Oh, the things we women will do for our families!