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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

72 Hour Kits

For Family Home Evening on Monday we got out our three 72 hour kits and went through them. My dad gave Tyler & I each a backpack full of items...let's see, I believe that was back in 2002. Needless to say, ALL of the perishable items were not only outdated, they looked pretty GROSS! Tyler bought a 72 hour kit from the church and that's for Anna-it's much more updated than ours. So this week we made a list and we went grocery shopping for some food items to put in it. I was surprised to see that a can of cashews will be fresh until the summer of 2008. Preservatives, anyone?

Today I did some eBay stuff, some dishes, scripture reading, piano practicing, phone talking, ect. Deena picked me up & we went to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, but they weren't open until 4:30, which messed with our schedule--so we're going to try again tomorrow! She's a nice gal with a little 3 month-old cutie! She's coming over tomorrow to hang out--which will be so nice! :)

Tyler, Anna, & I went to the commissary to buy some groceries. I prefer going together-it's so much more fun. :) Then we went to look at some miniature schnauzers. We're considering the idea of having them after this military family relocated to Alaska. The mom does NOT want to give them up-but her husband insists on it. She was so emotional just talking about not having them...poor lady. I'm just not sure if they are the type of dog that I want.

Jill's qualifications for a dog:
SMALL-I like little dogs
Little to zero shedding of hair
Won't urinate/defecate in the house (VERY IMPORTANT)
Is good with kids-won't hurt Anna or any future kids

Is it possible to find such a dog?? Any suggestions???

Since I hadn't been able to get dinner together, my sweet, thoughtful husband suggested Papa Johns Pizza. WAHOO! He's working on a school project right now--it will be good for him to have pizza around-because I fear that it will be a late night tonight.

Fertility update--I'm doing a fun thing today called 24 hour urine collection. Oh yeah, it's WAY fun and most convenient. I also started taking estrogen today, which hopefully will end my period. I was hopeful that after I took the first pill this morning that the period would instantly halt. NO SUCH LUCK! So I'll be on estrogen for 3 weeks...add progesterone on the 3rd week. That's all for now.


Kathey said...

Our first dog was a miniature Schnauzer. We got her as a puppy. She got pretty grumpy after awhile and eventually was not good with small children who came over to visit. By that time we didn't have tiny kids of our own. She lived only 8 years. (There might have been too much inbreeding on her family lines.)

Something really unfortunate is that one winter she slipped and fell off our back porch and hurt her leg. We took her to the vet, who gave her a cortisone shot. Within 3 weeks she was diabetic, probably as a result of the shot. We had to give her insulin shots. She ended up getting cataracts and went blind.

OH, and she also got into the kitchen garbage all the time--practically every day. Even though she was small she was just large enough to tip over the garbage container.

I realize that not all Schnauzers would have this kind of life, but I just wanted to share our experience. I think the best kind of little dog to get is one who loves you even if he or she does shed sometimes.

If our present dog hurt her leg I would try home remedies first, avoid cortisone shots like the plague.

I do think the right dog could add a lot of joy to your life.

Love, Kathey

Anonymous said...

Lee and Saundra Manzer have a miniature poodle I think that they say doesn't shed.

melisa said...

My mom always said she wanted a "schnoodle" because they have schnauzer temperment and don't shed like poodles. I've never had one, but that is what she always wanted.