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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

Happy Anniversary to us! Tyler "let" me sleep in--I say "let" because he always does--he's just a great guy, what can I say?? We got ready and had a nice breakfast, played games with Anna and then dropped her off at Sydney's house. Tyler didn't tell me where we were going, but I didn't anticipate the regal cinemas. He dropped me off and then went to find a parking place. I scanned all the movies and didn't see one that looked interesting to me--plus Tyler has made a commitment not to watch movies that aren't church related or EXTREMELY family friendly (which you don't often find in the movie theatre). So when he came in, he looked at the movies and said the one we were going to see wasn't listed...hmmm. I soon found out that they had a live broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera I Puritani by Bellini. It was 4 hours of sensational opera and acting. The main soprano--Anna Netrebko-from Russia, was simply beautiful and her singing was heavenly and looked so effortless! She even sang an aria while lying on the floor hanging her head over the edge of the stage...and sang some difficult high notes...amazing. Here's a link about her:

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! We went out for dinner and then picked Anna up on our way home. After scriptures, Anna went to bed and Tyler gave me the long awaited massage--he had bought a book on massage for my birthday (back in september) and said he'd read it and give me a massage. Well, it was very nice--let me tell you! I hadn't realized how nice it would feel, I think that massage should be more emphasized on improving health, my muscles feel much more relaxed now...Well, here are some fun pictures we took today...enjoy! (sorry, there aren't any of Anna in this blog...)

Still newlyweds??

What a studmuffin!!

Anniversary photo take 2

I like my hair like's called the "beautiful 's' wave," isn't it beautiful?

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