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Friday, January 19, 2007

I Want To Own My Own Body

My sister, Heather, recommended me a book called "Own your own body" and I'm actually reading it now (shock of all shocks). It talks about how your mental stresses can contribute to our physical ailments. I feel that is the case with me. I hope this book will help me in my desires to lose weight. I feel hopeful about it because of the book.

I went visiting teaching with Sarah. It was most enjoyable. Afterwards, Sarah offerred to take me grocery shopping since I don't have a vehicle. It was so nice of her! Then she had Anna & I over for lunch. Aren't friends great? :)

It's funny, the day started off well, but then after Anna went to school I started craving anything sugary, and became depressed about my not losing weight and our lack of success in becoming pregnant. My hormones are all over the place! I received a comforting email from Kathey, and my husband showed me support by calling & chatting while he was at work. I feel so blessed to have people around me who truly want me to be happy. What more could a person ask for??

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Queen Mother said...

It's so easy to blame yourself for the infertility.

You feel that your body has let down not only yourself, but your husband; and your daughter, your family..everyone.

This is a very normal part of the grieving process and honestly, infertility is a time to grieve. You have a desperate desire and it is not being fulfilled.

Have you spoken to a counselor? When I was going through it, my Bishop set me up with a wonderful family counselor from Family Services, and she was great to talk to. Just to have someone to vent to; to share my fears and how I felt betrayed about my body. It might be something for you to consider.

In the meantime, I am ALWAYS here for you; a phone call or an email away, and I truly know how you feel. I even understand the body image problems. I do not have weight problems, but I am VERY insecure about my body.

I'm here for ya babe.