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Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday, Monday

Today was pretty non-stop from the beginning of the day. Sarah & I went visiting teaching, which is always quite enjoyable. 4 hours of chatting it up with other fabulous women--what's not to like? Anna went on the bus and I chatted with my good, dear friend, Kathey, on the phone for an hour doing EFT. It was a remarkable conversation and I'm drinking a TON of water now, hopefully I won't get sick this time! *wink*

Here's a fun quiz:

I went to ALDI's to buy some groceries, made some chili & cornbread for dinner, then took Anna to Meijer's for some other groceries and we stopped by the goodwill store on our way home. We ate dinner and then went to Shannon's house for FHE. We had a nice time.

Anna's in bed now and Tyler's listening to a football game on the radio. I must tell you that I'm THRILLED he's doing that...because, he is cleaning the kitchen as he does it!! Isn't that wonderful?? I don't have to do the dishes--remember, our dishwasher is still out of commission--so this is VERY VERY nice. :)

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