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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Book Club

Last night I hosted the book club. There were 16 women in my living room! Things were pretty tight, but only one person sat on the floor. Next home we have I vote for a bigger living room. I enjoy hosting gatherings and it's difficult to do when you can only accomodate a few people comfortably. Oh well, such is our situation. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the house we're in, despite a small living room--it's fantastic!

Today I did some more EFT with Kathey. The past two sessions I felt that I had accomplished what I needed to by the end, but this one was different. I think I'm actually experiencing a feeling that it new to me: anger. Not to worry--I am okay, but there was a certain experience in my past-which I will not cite here-to which I never became angry about, when perhaps I should have felt it. Poor Tyler, I'm in angry-type mood, and we haven't had time for me to explain why that is, just yet. He's putting Anna to bed right now, so soon he'll be briefed on the situation. Hopefully this new emotion will help me overcome this terrible experience in my past.

Anna had a friend come over today-Christina-and they had a good time. One interesting note is that Christina is 9 years-old and Anna is 5 years-old. They play very well together and Christina says she really likes to play with Anna. I'm happy that Anna has so many friends to play with. :)

I'm re-re-organizing the C2 room yet again. Over Christmas things were just thrown in my precious room, and now I need to get it organized so it can be a peaceful room once again.

I bought a new cd: IZ. My mom turned me on to this Hawaiian singer. His music is so soothing and his voice so nice and warm. He's a very big person--not sure on how much he weighed--he has since died due to complications from his being obese. I'm so glad that he made cds...I think I will look to purchase a couple more of his cds...his music makes me feel calm & relaxed. It's funny how my taste of music has changed through the years. Some of my current favorites are: IZ, IL DIVO, Kathleen Battle, & Sarah Brightman.


TickleMeCahokia said...

hey missy! I have a blog on myspace. Here is the direct link. You should be able to read it through the direct link. If you want to read the older ones, click the "older" link on the righthand side of the page twice to take you to October something, which was my first entry. Love you!

Jill said...

It won't let me post a comment unless I join myspace--which I'm not wanting to do...

TickleMeCahokia said...

yeah, you can't post a comment. But that's ok; for me it's way easier than email! *GRIN* Anyway, there is a quiz about me on my page
that would be aweome if you took it; see how well you know me! Love you!