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Sunday, February 04, 2007

All Is Well

All is well, our house is WARM! :) It's SUCH a great feeling (literally) to know that it's not 50 degrees anymore...

Went to choir practice, plugged away on The Lord's Prayer. It's a difficult piece, but I feel that all will turn out well. I thought I would give the youth an opportunity to spread their wings in the musical arena, namely Sacrament meeting. A young woman led the music while another young woman played the piano. The songs weren't exactly the most well known/familiar, but they did really well. I'm quite pleased. I think that next month the young men will have a chance.

Nicole, a friend of mine in the ward, had her Mom visiting today. I was very excited to meet her, because she is a professional opera singer. And she didn't start that until her kids were grown--she was 42 years-old! I told her that I'm almost 30 and thought there wasn't any hope for me in that arena--to which she laughed! Guess I may have a chance afterall...

We had the Blunck family over for dinner/games. They have an adorable little boy, Josh, and are expecting a baby next month. They adopted Josh, and then 8 months later they found out they were pregnant. WILD. They are a very nice family. Their son, Josh, is black whereas the couple is white. I'm not a racist person, by any means, but I do not know if I could raise a black child, actually any child that wasn't caucasian. Tyler has been wanting to adopt a little chinese baby...but I've been hesitant. I'm not sure why, exactly, but one of my thoughts has been that one day they would realize that they didn't look like us and would suddenly feel "foreign." I don't know...maybe it's all in my head.

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Anonymous said...

I had a good friend for a few years growing up who was adopted, but I don't think I would have known if they didn't tell me. They adopted a Korean baby when we were around 7 or 8, and even though she looks different from her parents, I don't think she lets her looks (which are gorgeous, btw) make her feel any differently about her family. After all, love is more important than family resemblance.

I also have two cousins who were adopted, both white baby girls, and not blood-related, but they look like sisters to me. I think it's a matter of opinion and personality. Only you can determine if adoption is something you're comfortable with, and those reasons are perfectly valid because they're yours. You don't need to offer an explanation to anyone else, except maybe Tyler.

My cousin's cousin by marriage won't even consider adoption, for whatever reasons. It seems limiting to my mind, but I'm not her and I don't live her life.

Suppose you are completely open to adoption but no baby seems to be the right fit for your family. Is that wrong? No. That choice is not in everybody's path. You simply have to determine what you are capable of, and to make an appropriate decision from that point. Some people will judge you harshly no matter which choice you make. The people who truly care, and I consider myself one of them, will not, and will respect whatever choice is made. Think of Brad and Paula Barnes. Don't you still love them? They are fantastic people who chose a path for the myriad of reasons that are theirs alone, and they make the best of that decision. End of discussion. You don't owe us an explanation of your reasoning. You owe that to yourself and Tyler.

Congrats on the heater. I'm glad you are so happily reunited.