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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beef Stew

Anna's pre-k class had a FAMILY BOWLING ACTIVITY today at the local bowling alley. Tyler came home early from work and we all went together. It was quite fun. I enjoy bowling and really enjoy watching Tyler bowl-he's so good at it! Anna enjoyed playing with her friend, Krizdin. I thought that her name was "Kristen" based on how Anna pronounced it. Anna's teacher corrected me and said that it wasn't "Kristen" but "Krizdin." I said that Anna didn't know the correct prounuciation of her name, to which the teacher replied: Neither does Krizdin! :)

We watched the Chipmunk Adventure as a family...well, Tyler slept for the last half of it. But it was still fun. I attempted to make my first BEEF STEW today. I consider myself fairly good at cooking/baking. However, today proved how I DEFINITELY should have a recipe while cooking. I was given the ingredients to the beef stew in estimated amounts, however, I was never told how much water to use--and I used too much. So it ended up being a beef stew soup or beef/potato/carrot soup. Not the wonderful stew that I had been imagining all day to make...*sigh*

The Palmer's invited us over for some game playing. Anna slept while we played Settlers of Catan--knights & cities version. It was really fun, but I know I'll pay for how late I'm staying up tonight--especially when Anna will arise around 7am...

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