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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Italian Night

So why aren't I completely 100% well yet?? I've been sick since monday, I think I've already put in my "sick time." I'm SO READY to be able to breathe again and not cough every 5 seconds...

Today I was really struggling with energy and breathing. I didn't do much, and that's okay. When the afternoon came, I began feeling like I could do a few things. I made some cannelloni, breadsticks & italian green beans. We had the NEEL family over for dinner. They are the ones that found out why our house wasn't warm, so in gratitude we had them over for dinner. Bro Neel served his mission in Taiwan 20 years before Tyler did, so they looked at Tyler's mission pictures and relieved the good ol' days in that super foreign country. :) I really enjoy talking about Taiwan--especially since I have been there--so I can put in my 2 cents.

Bro Neel paid me a nice compliment about my singing. He was present for the Stake Classical Recital last may, when I sang "O Divine Redeemer." He said that some people can sing well, but there are very talented people who can sing well and convey the Spirit while doing it. He said that I could do that and he greatly enjoyed hearing me sing. What a compliment! :) He asked me if I'd like to sing Opera someday...I said yes, "someday." If that is what God wants me to do...

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Melisa said...

I hope you start feeling better. It is hard on the whole family when mom is sick.

That really is such a nice compliment. Music is an amazing medium for conveying the spirit.

Be sure to check my blog tomorrow. ;)