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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Apparantly, Melisa has "tagged" me to list 5 things that people may or may not know about me. Here goes...

#1. I'm fairly fluent in spanish and am learning chinese (mandarin) and sign language.

#2. My parents divorced when I was 1 year-old. My sister, Heather, & I were shuffled between two families for most of my life. I have some good/bad memories from it.

#3. I married Tyler within 3 months of him returning from his mission. We dated for 1 week--were engaged for 6 weeks, then married in the OKC temple. :)

#4. My stepdad, Bob, taught me to sing harmony at a very young age--5? Since then, I have sung in several district/state solo competitions receiving superior ratings at them all. I also sang in varsity & jazz choir in high school, then performed in some opera workshops in college. I love love love to sing. It's my favorite talent that I possess.

#5. I received a mission call to Winnipeg, Canada, but married my sweet husband instead. I miss the experiences that I would have had on a mission...but wouldn't give up Tyler for the world!!!

I now tag Maria, Deena, & Nina to share 5 things on their blogs that people may or may not know about them. :)


Melisa said...

Thanks for playing! Those are some good ones!

glittersmama said...

I'm working on it. I talk so much, that there's not much that people don't know about me!