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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Photo For The Non Photogenic

Today I went to the RS Enrichment meeting. I sang a solo--it went pretty well. Several people complimented me on it. I'm a funny person. I enjoy singing and I like that other people like hearing me sing--but when they compliment me, I don't know how to reply or respond. If I say "thank you," then don't I sound arrogant?? Like, OF COURSE, I KNOW I'M GOOD. *sigh* I'm still working on a response that shows I appreciate their compliment but doesn't sound like I think I'm "all that." Any suggestions?

There was a baptism today--a father and son. Very inspirational. And I gave a shirt & skirt to the wife of they guy who was baptized. She's overweight like me, except she's MUCH more confident than me--and she's heavier than I am. I told her that I'm uncomfortable with getting a full body massage because I imagine they are uncomfortable in touching all, curves. But she said that she gets massages--and she's paying them, so they should do it. Wow, I need to be more confident.

Well, at church we're doing this shoebox thing--Inside you put this questionnaire about yourself, include some items that represent you or your interests, and a recent photo. If you're like me--you have TONS of recent photos of your child, but none of yourself, because let's face it--you're the one TAKING all the photos, and certainly avoiding the idea of taking one. =) So, I decided to have Tyler take some photos of me. However, I'm TERRIBLY unphotogenic. It's difficult because I have bells palsy--where half of your face is somewhat paralyzed. So, my smile isn't even and my eyes never look the you can imagine how difficult it is to have a photo of me that looks nice...not to mention symmetrical. (Which if you know me--you know that I expect symmetry in all things). Some of the pictures turned out funnier than usual--Do any of you look at yourself in the mirror and then take a picture of yourself--but it doesn't look like your reflection in the mirror? Believe me, I look way good in my bathroom mirror...but step outside?? Why is that??

So I thought I would put these photos on my blog and ask for you to cast your vote which photo is the best. Then I will print it and put it in my shoebox. It's as simple as that. I look forward to you "casting your votes."


Sarah said...

9 and 12 for sure - your personality shines out. You need to take a compliment graciously Jill. Thankyou is a great response. And you are good at singing so why be afraid of it. I know I'm good at scrapbooking. It doesn't make me conceited. I could say I'm just average at it but then I'd look fake and as if I was fishing. Anyway, I'm going to Xenia Ward tomorrow for Lukas' blessing so I'll see you Monday about 5pm. Take care. Love ya x

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah...I like 12 because it feels true to your personality, plus there's snow in the background, and anyone who's read this blog for 2-3 months knows you love snow. I also find it very interesting that you were wearing black, which I find to be a very professional color, but not one that reveals your colorful personality. However, black is slimming, and I also enjoy wearing it occasionally...just not too often.

I think you once mentioned Bells palsy (sp?) to me, but I didn't remember what it means or what the effect was. It has never come across as severe to me, and I had certainly never given it a second thought. Do you feel that is the reason you feel unphotogenic? If so, then I quote 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' when I say "BS" even though I'm not going to type out the whole word. Every time I check your blog, I stare for a minute at your profile it you look happy, confident, and at peace, all somethings that I am usually not. I think that that picture is an honest representation of you. It NEVER entered my mind to think that you might be unphotogenic, or that you considered yourself so. Now, I consider myself unphotogenic, so I could say that I'm a different story, or I could just believe that we are more alike than I thought, and I should take a dose of my own medicine. Got your spoon?


Tuan's Princess said...

I like numbers 4, 5, 9 and 10

Tuan's Princess said...

And I forgot to add that I never would have guessed that you had/have bells palsy. My mother had it quite bad for 6-12 months before it went away - or at least is now pretty much impossible to see.

Anonymous said...

Well, I like 3 and 4. I love to see people smile big. Maybe that is because my smile is big. I also liked that your eyes were big and bright. Those two eminded me the most of you the last time I remember seeing you(forever ago). I also didn't know about the BS. I never would have known if you hadn't mentioned it. I like to see pictures of myself with my kids, but by myself is another story. For some reason I like that most of the attention is on them.

Nina said...


Nina said...

Alright, I really do like 9 best, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I think glasses are cool and stylish. Maybe because I wear them. 12 is alright too. But 9 is better.

Melisa said...

I really liked the natural lighting of 12, and agree with KC about the snow. Lots of the others are good too. Lots to chose from!

I think it is best to say thank you. If you try to argue to be humble, they just compliment more and it gets awkward.

Little Miss said...

isn't it funny we all have a different one that we like? *my fave is #10!! I say, go with a collage, show off your personality with different photos!--
and I totally agree with you about snapping a picture and it not looking ANYTHING like what you see in the mirror (sometimes I'm even standing in the mirror when I take the picture!!) LOL.

Kathey said...

Hi JIll,

9 is my favorite, with 12 a close second. I think the one with the fan blades growing out of your head is cute, but not my favorite. :-)

As far as the compliments on your singing, perhaps you could say something like "Oh, thank you. I'm glad you liked it…" If you're comfortable with that it would be perhaps a little "warmer" than just saying "thank you." Love, Kathey