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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Toasted Spice Cake

Today was a HUGE snow day. In fact, we're in level 2 of a snow storm. That means that if you don't HAVE to leave your house--DON'T! Tyler didn't even go to work today. It was a glorious day! Of course Anna's school was closed, so we all 3 were home together. We played games, Tyler took Anna sledding outside, watched CARS, we had a "pajama party" and ate dinner. It was really fun! Part of me wants to have tomorrow be just the same, but then Anna wouldn't get to go to school & have her Valentine Party, and then Tyler & I wouldn't get to go our for a romantic Valentine's lunch...the weather isn't supposed to clear up until the, we'll just see what tomorrow dishes out.

I made a recipe today: Toasted Spice Cake. It is a recipe from my great great grandmother. I had never tried it before today. It didn't go very well. It's a spice cake with a brown sugar meringue. Sounds good, right? Well, I think I should have held off to put the meringue on the cake until after it had baked a little while. I ended up having to scrape the already done meringue off of the not done cake, let the cake bake until it was done--then rearrange the meringue pieces on top of it. Yeah, it's not so pretty, but the flavor is nice. It's a neat feeling knowing that I made something my ancestors ate...somehow I feel more connected to them. =)

Fertility update: My period began on monday. So today is CD 2 (cycle day 2). On CD 5 I will begin the clomid. I'll keep you posted...


Anonymous said...


Unless the recipes says to, I'd wait to put on the meringue until after the cake has cooked and cooled. If it is supposed to be cooked on the cake, I'd add it for the last 5-10 minutes of baking, so that it doesn't get burned or otherwise icky. Have a good Valentine's Day date tonight.


Melisa said...

You finally got your OH weather, huh! Happy snow day! I saw on the news you guys got a bunch. I love to stay home on those days and not leave the house. Brad doesn't have that luxury. Poor guy.