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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Daddy Daughter Date

Let's see, yesterday I met my friend Sherry for lunch at a nearby chinese restaurant. It was my first Chinese meal since moving here. It was pretty good...but nothing compared to Oriental Garden in Stillwater...mmmmmm! After lunch, I met Angela to have a pedicure. Pedicures are a funny thing. I like them, the nice massage chair, my pretty toes...etc, but it's painful as well. I'm only ticklish on my you can imagine why I might not enjoy the whole experience...but it's worth all the tickling. =)

Today I did some cleaning; I practiced the piano quite a bit. At 2:30pm, I taught my first voice lesson here in OH. It went well. Lea (pronounced "Lee") is almost 14 years old (she was quick to point that out) and eager to improve herself in music. I think it will be a learning experience for me & for her as well.

GIRL'S NIGHT: Shannon & Sarah came over and we finished CHARLES DICKENS' "Bleak House." It was very enjoyable!

Tyler decided that he wanted to spend some quality time with Anna on a weekly basis. So, wednesday evenings are set aside as a Daddy Daughter Date. Tonight Tyler took Anna to "Old MacDonalds," (McDonalds) for supposedly some playing and an ice cream cone. When they went to the counter to order the ice cream, Tyler's phone rang and while he was talking--Anna apparantely went up to the register and ordered herself a Happy Meal complete with Chocolate Milk & an ice cream cone. When Tyler finished his phone call he was surprised to see all the food! He said that they had only planned to get ice the end, Tyler paid for it all. I guess next time he won't answer the phone call, eh? Well, Anna had a great time with her Daddy...she was beaming when she came home. Precious memories...

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Misti said...

That is so sweet!! Anna is so funny to see the opportunity and order what she wanted. I love it!! I am sure "Daddy" didn't mind too much.