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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Family History

We woke up & went to the YMCA. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical. It felt great--I love how I feel after exercising...afterwards we went by wal-mart, which is on the way home, to buy some groceries. I made some lunch and then Anna & I went outside to wait for the bus. It's usually on time and sometimes even it was 20 minutes late! When the bus did arrive the driver said they had broken down...this somehow did not make me feel especially comfortable in letting her board the bus--would it even make it to the school? Somehow it did...

I went to do some family history today--I basically checked out the floppy disk that my Mom sent with all the work she's done in the past. One line went back 15 generations---pretty cool. Afterwards I headed home (about 15-20 drive) and talked to Tyler (who is currently on a date with Anna) and he mentioned that they were going out to eat. Of course this made me I found a few fast food places and decided upon Arbys--roast beef, gotta love it! As I looked at the food options I noticed they had a 5 items for $5.95. Hmmm, not a bad price, but I can't eat 1 curly fries, 1 cheese sticks, 1 arby melt, 1 ham melt & 1 strawberry I opted to just buy one regular roast beef sandwich: $2.60 is what I paid. Isn't that crazy? For just one sandwich I paid half of their $5.95 deal. Of course, I could make it worse and wonder just how much one of those sandwiches is worth--you know, like the bun probably cost 13 cents and the roast beef about 75 cents...but I digress...

I came home to an empty house after talking with Lauren on the drive home--she's now living in TX--it's kind of crazy being home alone. I hadn't planned on it--Tyler was going to take Anna out on a date earlier in the day...but they had a late start. So I read my scriptures and some of the Square Gardening book. Now I'm going through some classical music to find pieces for some people in the ward for our Ward Classical Recital in May.

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