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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


When your husband takes 3 days off to be home it is a wonderful thing. We do things we haven't gotten around to--like building our square garden, etc--and spend lots of time together as a family. It's been wonderful! However, after things return to normal--the recovering begins. The laundry that has been piled up must be done and put away, the dishes, the vacuuming, sweeping, all has to be done. And that's what I did today. I couldn't start on it yesterday because it was Tyler's birthday. So I did it today. Plus I also managed to crack some wheat that I purchased (the wheat that took 3 months to arrive from ID--crazy) and I made some cracked wheat bread. It is seriously some amazing bread. I personally like to put butter & honey on it--but homemade jam is also delicious. mmmmmm. Homemade bread just makes me happy.

I went to workout at the YMCA. I'd missed it! I didn't exercise on Sunday-naturally-and yesterday because of my back. It felt great to exercise. I went to weigh myself and was perplexed when it showed 331 pounds. Hmmmm. I started out at 333 pounds, then last tuesday I lost 4 pounds putting me to 329, but today-one week of 5 workouts later-it showed that I'd gained 2 of those precious 4 pounds back...*sniff* I talked with Shannon and she said that she gained weight when beginning her workout regiment. *sigh* I hope that's all it is, because when I'm working this hard I kind of would like some, well you know, WEIGHT LOSS to be happening...never fear, I'm not giving up. I like working out at the YMCA. :)

Tyler started his 2nd quarter in his MBA program today. Tonight was enrichment and Shannon picked us up. It was such a wonderful evening. We wore princess crowns that we decorated with jewels, we sang songs, had some fun races--no, not running, in doing our "princess duties" like sweeping the floor, washing a dish, sewing a button, etc. We had 4 teams and it was really fun. The musical number that I organized went really well. The Spirit was strong when they sang.

It's now after 11pm, and I need to get to bed. I'm recovering from the day...


Melisa said...

Enrichment sounds fun! Cleaning all day... not so fun.

I feel your pain. I hate that every time I get in a work out grove I gain weight. I don't have your will power and I get mad and quit. I need to start again...

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Anonymous said...

Using a body fat index taker thingy might help. After all, muscle weighs more than fat. Keep it all in perspective: if you feel better, you ARE better. We humans tend to focus on numbers as if they're the ONLY reliable resource we have to determine progress or status. It's nice to check in with the weight measurement every now and again, but for me weighing weekly isn't mentally healthy, it's keeping score. That's never been useful for me for anything except grades. I simply to find the most healthful foods I can, eat them, walk when it's manageable, and I lug my bassoon everywhere I go (I'm beefing up one arm ;) and I let my weight take care of itself. Keep up the good hard work, and keep on enjoying it. It WILL pay off.


Anonymous said...

I agree with KC. Bruce has been on a diet since January. At first he lost weight, then he stood still for the longest time. Then he lost weight again, and now is standing still again. If you only look at the scale it can deceive you. You may have actually lost fat, but gained muscle so it looks like you gained weight, and you did, but it was the good kind. Keep up with it and it will surely pay off. Good Luck!!!