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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So today Anna & I went to the YMCA. It was a great workout until the back of my heel began to hurt, I removed my sock/shoe to behold a blister about the size of a quarter...OUCH! I asked for a bandaid and that helped me get through the rest of my workout...I hope it will heal quickly! (I don't want to quit my 50 minute walks!) Afterwards, some of my friends & their kids went into the "Mat Room," which is full of fun types of gymnastic-like stuff. The kids had a great time while we chatted it up. Fun, fun, fun!

We came home, ate lunch which included banana strawberry smoothies! YUMMY! Anna went off to school and I showered and went on base to pick up some clomid. Afterwards, I went to another part of the base (going off base first) to hit the commissary for groceries. While having my id checked, suddenly I was informed that I couldn't go on base and that I needed to wait for the SECURITY FORCES who would soon be arriving. Confused, I asked why and the security guard said that my tag stickers were outdated. *sigh* I waited for 15 minutes for them to arrive. They came, took my id card and went back to their nice little police car. 10 minutes later they came back and issued me a ticket for $75. YIKES! I informed them that we had moved here recently and that we didn't receive any warnings from the OK tag agency because they didn't have our forwarding address...didn't make a difference. And to makes things worse, I couldn't go on base to the commissary. In fact, I'm not allowed to go back on base until I get new stickers. *SIGH* However, my husband hasn't quite gotten that paperwork together and mailed it it will be about 3 weeks before I can go back on base again...*HEAVY SIGH*

Anna went with me to BOOK CLUB at Sherry's house. She played with Sariah while the rest of us enjoyed time chatting about the book for this past month: FASCINATING WOMANHOOD. I greatly enjoyed the discussion. We stayed pretty late--getting home after 9:30pm! Anna was awake an hour later when Tyler got home from taking his last final for this quarter. Tyler read her a story and soon after she was asleep. That's my day today...

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