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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy π Day!

Well, Tyler informed me that today is a day of PI (π), meaning it's March 14 (3/14) and pi =, Happy Pi Day everyone!

Do you ever wake up and have these grand plans of how much you're going to accomplish that day....and then at the end of the day you look around and realize that you actually spent your day doing other things?? Well, that's been my past 2 days! I've been meaning to clean my bathrooms for 2 days...and they need to be cleaned! Yet, I have found several other things to do to occupy my time--some fun, others not as fun. And I'm so sore from all the exercise that in the evening--when I usually come alive with energy--I'm too tired to get any housework done. :(

Today I went to the YMCA--3 days in a row! However, I couldn't do a whole lot of cardio workout because of my blister. *sigh* I hope it will heal quickly!!! I did 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes of weights, 10 minutes on the ecliptical, 10 minutes on weight, etc...then we took the kids to the MAT room again. Anna has quite the imagination. Her latest craze is being a PIRATE, such a cutie!

Anna & I went to wal-mart to purchase some Sunday shoes for Anna + some groceries for the week. We came home just in time to feed her lunch and get out the door to catch the bus...then I met up with Sarah for the afternoon. We went to Lowe's, I feel so funny going there. Maybe it's because there's SO many things in there--and I have no clue what they are. Or maybe it's because I don't see any other girls in there...this evening I met up with Sarah and her MIL, Joan, and we went to the movies. Talk about PRICEY!!! The movie cost $9.50! Can you believe that?? In Oklahoma it cost $6.50 and that was in the MALL. We usually went to the dollar theatre...we's poor folk. Anyhow, we saw MUSIC AND LYRICS. It was a cute flick. I especially enjoy the opening credits which is a music video of POP! goes my heart! So fun! It was fun getting out and spending some girl time, thanks Sarah!

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