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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Square Garden

Yesterday we went to the YMCA. Sarah & I went VT then went to "Old Macdonalds" for lunch and letting the kids run around before our second appointment for VT. Meanwhile, Tyler & Nathan were at Lowe's purchasing materials for our handy dandy Square Garden! We're excited to see if we can grow something. :) Emma & Anna had some fun romping around in the's been raining the past few days and it was VERY muddy--but the girls had a nice time while their dads worked in the rain, too. After they built our square garden, we went over to Nathan's house for dinner. Heather made some yummy tacos; we played cities & knights--way fun!

Today I dropped Anna off at the Primary activity and went to the YMCA to workout. Afterwards we came home and did some cleaning around the house with Tyler. I also made another Black Forest Cake--at Tyler's request--for our company tomorrow + for his birthday on Monday. The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL today...well, at least the temperature. The sun didn't shine much, but it was warm and smelled like spring...

Emma & Anna

Silly picture

Muddy Boots!

Our Square Garden


Melisa said...

LOVE the pictures. Can't wait to see what it will look like. I confess that I don't quite get the idea of what it will look like.

Kathey said...

Hi Jill,

Great progress! How fun. I must admit though that people might get confused by you calling your project a "square garden" when it's a rectangle. :-) Mel Bartholomew's term is actually "Square Foot Gardening" because if you use his system the garden is planted in square feet using a grid to mark a series of individual 12" squares for planting within a larger square or rectangle. I hope I've explained it well enough to make sense. For those who are interested, check out There is an excellent picture right on the front page.