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Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Love My Calling

Today we had a good attendance in choir. Next week is General Conference and the following week is Easter Sunday and the choir is scheduled to sing this amazing arrangement of The Lord's Prayer. So I figured that we wouldn't have a practice next week due to GC--but my faithful choir members volunteer to meet for an hour next week so the song will be more prepared for Easter Sunday. I love my calling.

After church we had a couple over for dinner. It was a great meal and we enjoyed chatting with them--and finding things we had in common. I'm not sure exactly why--but I felt like I had to impress this person. She's beautiful, intelligent, dresses very well, ect...and I felt like everything had to be PERFECT to impress her. And the meal looked wonderful as did the cake I made. All in all, after we ate I felt like she's wasn't this goddess who was beyond my reach of ever attaining...she was actually kind of like me. We had some good things in common and that helped close the gap. And no, that doesn't mean I'll be dressing especially well now that we have stuff in common--I just think I didn't have to impress her to become friends with her. Make sense?

The weather was GORGEOUS today. It's in the 70s here and it has that SPRING smell outside....mmmmm. We went on a little family walk down the road and saw several other people out enjoying themselves. :)

I organized a little sextet for the Enrichment Meeting on Tuesday. That's right, on tuesday just 2 days from now. I invited 6 girls to learn a song they didn't know and we had a practice tonight with one more scheduled tomorrow and then just before enrichment on tuesday. Did I say that I love my calling? These people here in my ward are so amazing! Everyone is willing to participate in music, which makes my calling so easy. I love it.

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Melisa said...

Wow, you must have a very supportive ward. How lovely!

Glad you had fun with a new friend. She was probably intimadated by all of your talents too.