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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where's The Sunshine?

I never thought I'd say this...but I am missing OKLAHOMA weather today. At least in OK you have sunshine throughout the winter...I may have glorious snow in Ohio, but I am missing the sunshine. How ironic: I want snow that will last, yet I also want the thing that will make the snow go away...

I mailed a birthday package to my sister serving a mission in MI. I hope she will enjoy it--it's always fun to do packages, isn't it? I think so. I also mailed a cd to my friend, Sarah, in OK.

Anna & I went to the consignment shop on tuesday and bought her two pairs of jeans (total $5) and CANDYLAND ($1.50) the OLD one, the one I grew up with. Well, as you can imagine, we've played it several times since we brought it home. Anna will try to manipulate the game by putting the PRINCESS LOLLY card on the top of the card pile while saying she plans to go first in the game. Once I caught on to her little scheme (after two games starting this way) I put the PRINCESS LOLLY card in the middle of the stack of cards...this did not please PRINCESS ANNA.

I cleaned (yet again) the C2 room, and this time I brought out my scrapbook and began sorting through pictures....hopefully this will get me motivated to begin scrappin' again...and not put it off until the C2 room is cleaned again in the near future...I also made some brownies--Deena, we must be on the same page here...

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