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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yea Verily Yea

Don't you just love the Court Jester? I don't know why that title came to me's from a hilarious scene with Danny Kaye in The Court Jester...a classic film. Get it? Got it? Good!

This morning I went to the YMCA and did 30 minutes on the elliptical...what a workout! Then I went to pick up Anna from Leia's house. Sarah & I chatted some more about the experience last night and I asked Anna about it. Apparently Anna was told not to cross the barrier into the deep end. After a few questions to Anna it was obvious she had no clue what a "barried" was...ha ha. Silly me, she wasn't being disobedient--she just didn't understand the rules. A little lightbulb clicked and we were soon back on track. We came home, showered, ate lunch and went to the church to watch the first session of General Conference. It was amazing. Seriously--it seemed like almost every talk was directly meaningful for me. And did you notice that 2 talks today focused on music?? Yeah, I felt like they were saying, "Jill Pierce, listen up---here is how you can improve the music and more fully magnify your calling...." Yeah. So. I have several ideas how I can improve myself and I'm excited about it!

So we went to both of the sessions at the church, along with the other 12 people who came--most people stay home and watch Conference. I grew up doing that but Tyler wants to get dressed up & go to the church. I must admit, I learn more that way...and when we have listened to the internet at home---it was chaos trying to listen and be completely into it when Anna would run through the room with her toys, etc. This works for us, I'm grateful to have my husband, he's so good to us. :)

Anna's in bed and Tyler's at the Priesthood session. I cleaned the kitchen & living room. I'm thinking to re-re-re-re-organize the C2 room. It actually wouldn't take very long to tidy it up and I'd like to be able to finish going through my scrapbooking pictures and get them chronologically in order.

Easter is next week: what are your plans?

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Anonymous said...

Love the new layout. But I liked the old, old one, and the newer old one too. This one's very orange (awesome), and I like the sunset with a mountain valley scene. Good choice. There's a church video about mother yelling at her son, and telling him she told him not to cross the street. He told her he didn't know what a street was. Anna made an honest mistake about what a barrier is: if we didn't know it to bar our way, how would we? If the lifeguard had told her to not pass the rope, she might have understood. At least no one was seriously hurt or worse. It sounds as if everyone learned a lesson that day. Have fun. Be safe.