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Monday, April 16, 2007

Back In The Swing

Spring break is over, therefore there were many happy parents today as the children returned to school. I am one of those happy parents. However, you should note that Anna is ecstatic about school & LOVES being there. And when Anna is happy---I am happy too. :)

We went to the YMCA--45 on E, 20 on AW. My friend, Heather, joined the YMCA, so that will be fun having another friend to exercise with.

Anna went to school, I gave Lea a voice lesson (she's doing great!), I went to Angie's house to practice a song with Shannon for this coming Sunday...a duet called Because He Lives--a beautiful piece by Sally DeFord. Tyler & I took Anna to her swimming lessons. She's such a fun girl to watch--so animated and outgoing. A fun girl.

Right now I'm at glittersmama's house...playing some settlers & hand and foot...a fun night...we're just taking a break now...kind of fun typing my blog from a friend's house...

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