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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Date Night

We went to the YMCA. I did 45 on E & 25 on AW. Feels so good...I'm happy to be exercising regularly. It's the first time in my life that I've been this regular. I go 6 days a week. Isn't that amazing? 5 weeks ago I did ZERO exercise & now I exercise for over an hour everyday. I'm so proud of myself and grateful for the opportunity that I have to go to the YMCA. We honestly don't have much money--but this is definitely something a need, not a want.

Here are some pictures from Glitter's mama. We went to her house and Anna fell asleep on the couch. What an interesting position!

Dogzilla is keeping watch and protecting her...isn't that sweet? (It's dogzilla, right? Not Sophie? I can't tell).

Today I was so productive. When Anna went to school, I thought I'd be the best wife ever and mow the lawn for my husband. So I got all decked out in lawn mowing clothing (which included my hubby's shoes...I didn't want to get mine all dirty). I go out & pull the cord to start the mower. Nothing. I pull over & over & over...still nothing. I check the gas tank. Empty. So much for my good intention--Tyler had the gas can in the back of the truck at work. :( After that, I read my scrippys, practiced the piano and actually warmed up my voice. I have a 3 octave range, from the c below middle c up to 3 octaves above that. Yeah. I was pleased. I didn't know how high I could sing & now I know. Pretty cool. Of course, my top C doesn't sound fantastic--but that's why it's the TOP of my range...hee hee. I did the dishes, showered and used my new hair mousse while fixing my hair--I was quite pleased with how it turned out. You know how you get a haircut and they fix it up all cute so you look great that day, but the next day you try to recreate that hairstyle and it looks terrible? Yeah, today it actually looked close to that day...I am happy with it.

Anna went to swim lessons with DH and then on a date. Angie picked me up and we went out for dinner. It was nice to have some girls time. She's a really great person with many talents. She's more fun than I think she even knows. Why do we, as women, shortchange ourselves. Why do we say that we're untalented, unattractive, make terrible food, keep an untidy house, dress like a slob...why don't we say--well, I can sing a high C note, I can clean the toilet like nobody's business, I'm super fast at doing algebra...why can't we focus on our good qualities instead of sharing those things that we do poorly??


glittersmama said...

Nope, that's Sophie. She's curly with the dark ears. Dogzilla has all blonde straight hair.

I can do algebra really fast. (good example! ha ha.) Well I used to be able to. It's been a long time. Like 15 years. Wow. Now I feel old!

Melisa said...

Cute pictures!

I am so impressed by your dedication. Hopefully, once I can workout again, I will be as consistent as you are!