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Monday, April 23, 2007

Get Ready For Pain

So this morning I went on-base and had another lovely vaginal ultrasound--it was much better this time because I knew what was going to happen--and they found that my follicles are looking good. What does this mean? At 1:30am tomorrow morning, I will be getting that HCG shot in my butt by my sweet, oh-so-willing-to-help husband. (I wish I could trade places with him). So I'll get the shot in a few hours and then on wednesday at 1:30pm, we'll be doing our first insemination. It's very exciting! I just wish the HCG shot could come in a capsule form...

I came home & we all went to the YMCA to exercise. Afterwards I went VT with Sarah to see Deanna. We had a really nice visit. She is pg with their 5th & last child. She says she's so fertile that her last two pregnancies occurred while she was on birth control + condoms. Amazing. I'm not on either of those and we haven't gotten pg. I understand that some people have the opposite problem that we have and I'm sure it can be difficult as well...I'm grateful for the trials that I have. I wouldn't want anyone else's trials...except maybe $10,000 extra salary per year---I could deal with that trial. ;)

This afternoon was quite uneventful. I didn't do a thing while Anna was at school. I watched the first 2 episodes of Frasier--I rented it from Blockbuster--and then I showered, plus I checked my email...that was IT. I was up pretty early today and we have been entertaining a lot lately--I just needed some down time. I so enjoy's so funny! Niles is my favorite.

Tyler took Anna to swim lessons and then we went to Ned & Jen's house for dinner/FHE. It was really enjoyable. Ned is a gyn and he explained to me the risks of becoming pregnant with twins after having had a c-section. 7 out of 1,000 women have their scar line rupture and sometimes the baby is delivered into the abdomen of the women...sometimes they both die because of it. I hadn't really thought about the risks that I'm taking to have another child and how it would potentially affect me since I had a c-section with Anna. I'm hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). They do them on-base. However, if I become pregnant with twins the next pregnancy then they'll insist on doing a c-section. So, I'm hoping for a single birth with a VBAC this time and then if/when we become pregnant the next time--& if they're twins--I hope we could try the VBAC again. I don't want to have another c-section...can you tell?! The only reason I had it with Anna was because she was breech. The doctor who delivered Anna told me that there was no reason why I couldn't have a VBAC next hopefully we will! Any VBAC stories you'd like to share? (preferably successful VBAC stories...)


Melisa said...

Niles is my fave too.

It sounds like Wednesday will be an exciting day for you. Can't wait to hear an update!

That whole dying from twins scenario sounds scary. Yikes! We'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...


Well, you're getting ready to wake up for that lovely shot, unless you're still awake in some form of anticipation...Hope all goes well. Is there any other reason, that you feel able to share, why, if your follicles are in good shape, you need to go the doctor-monitored insemination route?

I think, of course in my HUMBLE opinion, that even if you get pg with twins, you could still insist on having VBAC. They'll fight you on it, but in then end, it's your body, and you're not in the military, so they don't technically own you, just Tyler, so I really think you could insist things be done your way. But you may not be ready to take on that fight, and I would completely understand that decision. You do what you need to do.

I prefer Martin's fights with Fraser, Daphne's accent, and Roz's sarcastic wit.

Think of me. Think of me fondly, when we said "Til next time we eat at Oriental Garden"... Phantom, in case you didn't pick up on that reference. Have a great night.