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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let The Good Times Roll...

Don't you just love pictures? Especially of your kid? Anna is growing up SO FAST. Check out these pictures! Such a big girl. She's hanging out with Bryant & Avery. Their family came over for dinner/games today. It was really fun.

I sang with Shannon today, I think it went well. I sang a high A in that piece which I haven't done previously while singing that song. It sounded pretty good, too. :) The song we sang was Because He Lives by Sally Deford; it's a great piece.

For dinner I made chicken enchiladas, refried beans, spanish rice, & corn. For dessert we had pumpkin pie. We played seafarers--Tyler won, as usual. It was fun, I was actually thisclose to winning this time...oh well, as glittersmama's husband says--I just love to play!


Melisa said...

Ohhh, pumpkin pie. I LOVE pumpkin pie. Congrats on the high A. You rock!

shannon said...

I was sooo close to winning on Sat. Wretched 7's! ;)