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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Feet

It rained today--all day LONG. I miss the sun. When the sun shines, then my rainbow maker works. Having rainbows on my walls makes me happy...I just smile as I watch them. SUCH FUN!

We went to the YMCA. I did 30 minutes on elliptical and 20 minutes on arm/back weights. At the mat room we decided that Leia would come home with us to play with Anna. They got along really well which was nice. :) Tyler came home for lunch. We decided that we are going to press forward with our plan and see what happens. Our plan? I'm glad you asked! We are thinking that after Tyler finishes his 4 year commitment with the AF that we'll be getting out. (I realize that I will need to change the title of my blog at that point) Tyler will have just finished his MBA program at OSU and then we will be job hunting...who knows where we'll end up! His MBA program is quite expensive and he doesn't want to sit on it after he graduates. So, that's our plan. It seems the logical thing to do--yet it makes me sad. I really like being in the AF. It's a good life. I know I will miss going on-base--I feel so priviledged to show a security guard my military id and he allows me to continue on-base. Yeah, I'm special for getting to go on-base. At least that's how I feel. ha ha.

I decided that with all this rain that we needed to bake. It's a law that I learned from my Mom--if it's raining, then it's time to BAKE! So I made a huge chocolate chip cookie--in a jelly roll pan. (something like 48 servings). The girls loved it. What child doesn't love BIG cookies?

I went to the church to select a song for the Ward Choir to sing for the Ward Classical Recital. I looked through all the pieces and didn't find anything. Then Ilona shows up and suggested a song that would be PERFECT--Beautiful Savior. Did you know that that song was written in the 12th century??? YEAH! It's fun when the Lord works through someone else to help you with what you need. :)

Tyler took Anna on a date and on their way home they rented HAPPY FEET. It was a cute movie, I wouldn't purchase it--but it was entertaining.


Dana said...

It think that's exciting and wonderful for you guys! Good Luck. Oh, and Flushed Away is MUUUUUUUUUUCH better than Happy Feet. See if you haven't. I laughed hysterically at the slugs...(EEEEEEEEEEE!) They are awesome and so are the French Frogs...LOL...see it...

Melisa said...

Only 4 years, huh? It will fly! Enjoy it now! By the end you might be in student loan utopia with us. hahaha But probably not as bad as us.

You are doing so amazing on the work outs. I am so impressed by you. You are awesome!