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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Can Almost Taste It

It's so close. I can feel it. I may be scrapbooking within the next few days...I have the bug to scrap and I tell myself that if I can stay on top of dishes, laundry, house cleaning, meal planning, calling-related stuff, and of course to take care of my baby & husband then I can scrap. Right now the meals are planned, I've done some calling-related things, the laundry is DONE (that's been my whole evening activity)...however, the dishes aren't done and the house isn't completely clean. But it's getting closer...does this scenario sound similar to anyone?

This morning was different from typical mornings. Anna & I went on-base to get my pregnancy test done---it's definitely negative---then we picked up my clomid, metformin, & my HCG shot stuff--there's nothing like the thought of having a shot in your butt, but if it helps then I'm happy. We went to the commissary and bought some groceries. I bought some Trix cereal, which I haven't had since I was a kid. Perhaps I was wanting to reminisce my childhood days...the idea of having name brand cereal was so exciting for me. It was a real treat.

After the commissary Anna & I went to the YMCA. After doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, Anna & I joined Angie & her two boys in the YMCA indoor swimming pool. It was so refreshing to swim after a workout...aaaah. Anna had a blast playing with the boys and swimming around. She's part fish, I'm sure of it.

I made taco salad for dinner. And it was so good. I wonder what it is about certain recipes that are just good. Do you have any recipes like that? I took a nap and then Anna & I played some games. This evening I did the aforementioned LAUNDRY activity. My goodness, how can three people produce SO MUCH LAUNDRY? I think that laundry should be once every 1 1/2 weeks or so...but it ends up being once a week. How often do you do laundry?

I made this for Easter and it's so pretty, I just had to share a photo. I recognize that this makes me a complete nerd for posting a photo of jello-but it's not just any jello--this is 12 layer jello and it takes 6 hours to make. Very tasty!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the nerd in you decided to post a picture. It looks really cool and I am sure tastes even better. We had a great Easter. We just made the traditional dinner, ham, potatoes, rolls, etc. We don't have a whole ham very often so it is always nice to look forward to.

Melisa said...

Gorgeous jell-o. Wish I had the patience to do that!

You don't want to know how much laundry I do. Usually at least one load a day during the week. I try to take weekends off. Boys must be messier than girls...