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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Can Feel The Power Of Heaven

This morning my sweet, kind husband made cream of wheat--a wonderful breakfast for someone with a toothache. :)

Our HT (Home Teachers) came over around noon to see us. They gave a nice lesson from the Ensign. I thought the topic was a good one: Enriching marriage.

Anna went to play at Bryant's house (she was ecstatic) and we left with Shannon & Eldon to go to the Columbus Temple. It was pretty wild--something kept coming up to make us late. I couldn't find my temple recommend, their tire was losing air and the air pump at the gas station wasn't working...we arrived as the temple session we ended up doing sealings instead. The temple worker told us that we were an answer to prayer because they needed more couples in the sealing room. YAY! It was really neat to be in there. While at the temple today, we determined that Tyler will not be going to China this summer. There's an AF program that would pay for him to go to China for 6 weeks and stay with a family there to learn about Chinese culture. But...we don't feel good about it. We're not sure why, but that's our decision.

It was so wonderful to be in the temple. It's like I rediscover who I am by being there. I remember that there's more to life than doing dishes, keeping house, etc. I am important. It's nice to have that reminder. I want to be in the temple more often...we're hoping to go next weekend as well since Tyler has a school function in Columbus. :)

We went out to a fabulous chinese food buffet nearby. It's seriously one of the best Chinese restaurants that I've ever been to. YUM! (of course it doesn't compare to Oriental Gardens...ah, memories)

Here are some pictures from today: The first one is of "Stanley," a project we're helping our nephew, Isaiah, with for school. Isn't he cute? The next two are of Tyler trying to take a picture of all four of us...not too bad...then we finally got some help! Aren't we oh, so cute?

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Tish said...

I am glad to see Stanley at the temple. He is really going places. Isaiah will be thrilled with the pictures.