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Sunday, April 29, 2007

From One Thing To Another

We went to church today. I read one of the lessons for RS last month (yes, I know, I'm not a reader--but I read it and really enjoyed it) and the lesson was on bearing your testimony. It talked about how testimonies should be short, to the point, and should share a part of your testimony. So today I acted on what I learned from the lesson and bore my testimony--it was short and sweet. I remember thinking afterwards that I was probably the only person who got anything out of it, but I had 3 compliments from people.

I took Timothy to church today. If you recall back in the fall, I took two boys from a lady that I VT to church. She didn't want me to take them after that. However, this past week DH (dear husband) went with the missionaries to visit her and she mentioned that she would like for her VT to start taking her boys again to church. DH told me and so I called her and asked for her to have them both ready at 8:30am, since I have choir practice at 9am. She said okay. So I showed up promptly at 8:30am. No one is up. No one is even close to being ready. While I waited for Shereena (their mom) to get Timothy ready for church, it occurred to me that it was more important for Timothy to be in church than for me to be on time to choir. It's nice to have things put into perspective like that.

I woke up with a cold. Yeah. So today I'm single handedly keeping the Kleenex company in business. Some good news is that the pain in my tooth has lessened somewhat and it's more bearable than before. :) But now I have a terrible cold, where I'm sneezing and my nose is running non-stop. Not fun. I have realized why I'm sick. Care to know? Well, whenever I have a regular exercise regime, if I stop exercising for a few days--I always get sick. Always. I stopped exercising b/c of the insemination. I plan to go back to the YMCA tomorrow morning, but I don't know if that will combat the cold I currently have. *sigh* One can only hope.

I didn't feel like making a big dinner, even though it's fast sunday, so I determined that I'd make some cinnamon rolls---since those are so easy to make, ha ha! I seriously think that when you're sick, you aren't thinking right...anyhow. I have a this recipe that I usually cut in half or do a third of it b/c it makes so much. Today I thought I'd try doing the WHOLE RECIPE which calls for 10 1/2 cups of flour! YEAH--I made 4 pans of cinnamon rolls. They turned out really good, too. We decided to deliver some, b/c, um, there's only 3 of that was a fun activity. We went right after the fireside at the church. We told Anna that we were going to the fireside tonight. On the way there, Anna asks when we'll be at the firepit. It's fireside, Anna, not firepit. Oh, okay. When we get to the church, Anna asks where the fire will be. Poor little thing, fireside is fun lds lingo. Anyone know where the word derived from??

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Anonymous said...

From old church days when meetings were held beside fires, providing warmth, light, and sometimes protection from animals (even the human variety). At least that's the answer I created when I asked myself that very question. Isn't it interesting how we humans, LDS or not, latch onto habits that become traditions, and then we lose the reasoning behind the habit, yet we still stubbornly cling to the tradition and the vernacular.

T-minus 14 days, 9 hours, 50 minutes to my first ever recital. Exciting, stressful, and a million other emotions all rolled into one great big mess inside my head and heart. Oh, the humanity!