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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bollywood Obsession

Well I don't know if I'm really obsessed with bollywood or not...but I really really really really really like it. :) Did you like the youtube I put on? I thought you would all enjoy the subtitles--since none of my current friends speak Hindi...I'm open for any friends who do speak it, you're welcome to come over and tell me if those subtitles are really what Shahrukh Khan is goodness, I think he is so handsome. Isn't that funny, Melisa? I can't figure out whether I think he's handsome or if I want to be romanced the way he romances the girl on screen. hmmmm. That will take some major thinking to determine...I also think that Zayed Khan is handsome too--he looks better with short hair. ;) Here's another youtube with Shahrukh singing...Zayed looks pretty grungy with his long hair, sorry no subtitles...Enjoy:

As for the rest of my day, it was pretty blah. It's rainy outside. We went to the YMCA and I did 45 on E, 20 on LW. I gave 2 voice lessons. Since then I've just been....blah. I'm not excited about doing A N Y T H I N G. However, I did manage to spend an HOUR on youtube looking at Bollywood videos...that's kind of productive...right?

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Melisa said...

I definitely think he grows on you. Lucky, not so much, though he definitely improves with short hair. He is in Shaadi #9 too. You might like that one...