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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sick Of Being Sick

So yesterday morning I woke up with a cold and went through kleenex all day long...I even took my own box of lotioned kleenex to the fabulous fireside last night...b/c when you have a cold like I do--nothing else will do. But today, I'm not flying through the kleenex. Today, I just feel icky. I have a headache, no energy, and feel like whining all poor husband.

We all woke up this morning and dressed for the YMCA. We took both cars intending to drop the truck off to have the brake pads replaced while we were at the Y. No such luck. We were at the auto shop for one whole hour while they "analyzed" what was wrong with it. In the end, they were wanting to charge us $350 for something that should cost about $150. Yeah, we weren't having that. In the meantime, I started feeling really sick and exhausted, so we nixed the whole Y excursion to go to biglots! and then get home in time to feed Anna lunch before the bus came. I bought some cute terra cottaish pots for my front porch. I planted some marigolds & naturtiums in it. I hope they will grow well. Stay tuned for month?

I took Anna to swim lessons while Tyler studied for an exam he has tomorrow. I came home and made dinner, we had FHE, played 2 games, read scrippys and then bedtime routine. I can honestly say that I'm ready for bed right now...

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