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Saturday, April 07, 2007

That's it! I'm cleaning the garage!!!

We all went to the YMCA for some exercise. Even though it's been snowing since wednesday, it still surprises me to see it coming was busy, busy! Anna helped me make Rainbow Jello---a 6 hour ordeal that yields 12 layers of yummy jello--6 flavors. I'll try to post a picture in case you have no clue what I'm trying to describe. We also make Easter basket cupcakes, which you can see in the picture slides below. I also made homemade pizza for lunch/dinner and then mixed up the cheese souflee and some white chip brownies for choir tomorrow--last week I told the choir that they were earning "brownie points" by coming to an optional practice and I thought I'd make good on my statement! Plus it was a new recipe that I'd been wanting to try out. I made some flour out of our wheat using the "Magic Mill" and for some reason, I have trouble breathing after I do it--this is the second time I've ground wheat and I had the same result last time...I think it's because it puts lots of flour into the air & I breathe it in...not sure, though. Tyler suggested that I grind the wheat outside--which is a great idea, but not when it's snowing...Spring--where are you???

While making the Easter basket cupcakes, we started looking for a large food storage can of coconut--to make the grass on top of the frosting--and we couldn't find it for a while. Tyler looked out in the garage and quickly became frustrated with the lack of order he found there. He came inside and very seriously said: That's it! I'm cleaning the garage!!! This surprised me, as we were busy doing other Easter activities such as dyeing eggs, etc...but I'm not one to discourage my husband from doing something that should be done--especially since I don't want to do it!

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