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Sunday, April 08, 2007

There's a bunny at the door...

Happy Easter to all! This morning Anna woke up to find the Easter basket that her parents hid. We decided that we were going to forego the whole "Easter Bunny" tale (no pun intended) and just have fun dyeing eggs--which has nothing to do with a bunny, incidentally--and telling Anna that we were hiding her basket, etc. So, we didn't exactly say that there wasn't an Easter Bunny--but we definitely weren't saying there was one, in fact, we omitted him from any Easter conversation. So Anna found her Easter basket and enjoyed eating her candy. She got to wear her brand new Easter dress that we bought her 3 weeks ago. Here are some photos:

Isn't she a doll? She is getting so BIG now! So we went to church and had a wonderful Sacrament meeting. I participated in a quartet which was nice and then led the choir which sang The Lord's Prayer--it was so beautiful! Plus there were 3 other lovely musical numbers. I love having music in church. I love being involved with music in church. It is very fulfilling.

Tyler stayed after church to work on clerk duties. Anna & I came home & I began working on EASTER DINNER. About 5 minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see a 5 foot tall Easter Bunny. He said Happy Easter and had some easter candy to give to Anna. It was our neighbor's son from across the street. His mom was in their driveway and waved to me. I said thank you--it was such a sweet gesture--but at the same time I was thinking...there goes our whole anti-bunny routine. I can just hear it now...but Mama, of course the Easter Bunny is real--he came to visit me last Easter! Remember?!?!

We invited a couple from church over for Easter dinner. They are lonely--all their children are grown and don't visit/call them at all. We had a really nice evening together. I think it brightened their Easter as it did ours. It was our first Easter away from family. I hope your holiday was wonderful. :)


Dana said...

I think that as long as you teach her what Easter is TRULY about, and make the whole Easter Bunny thing very secondary, you'll be fine. I grew up with the Easter Bunny and it hasn't hurt my testimony of the Resurrection any...LOL.

By the the new layout, though those birds are circling rather quickly and, frankly, look more like buzzards circling a carcass than peaceful doves or something. LOL. I like it though....

Melisa said...

Hey there! Love the pretty orange layout!

The pictures are so cute. She is such a doll in that dress. Good luck with that whole Easter Bunny thing. It is kinda crazy to think that we are in charge of what traditions we celebrate, no? That is really sweet that the Easter bunny came over though. My boys would love that.