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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome Spring Weather!

I can't convey in words how nice it is outside...we are loving it!!! I love having the windows open and a nice breeze coming through---it's delightful.

This morning we hit the YMCA. I weighed myself afterwards. To prep this--I determined last week after only losing .5lbs that I would alter something this week to see if it brought about greater results. According to my doctor, I need to eat TONS of protein everyday because I'm insulin resistant. Since I'm really not a meat eater, he recommended some whey protein powder. I bought a huge container of chocolate whey powder. I wasn't sure about it--so I tried to experiment by putting a scoop into a chocolate brownie recipe (yeah, brownies really helps with weight-loss efforts). They tasted...okay. Not good enough to do it again. Then I pretty much forgot about the whey powder...until last week. I determined that I would have a protein powder milk shake everyday and see how it affected my weight loss. Nothing could prep me for the scales today. I gained 3lbs. WHAT?!?!? I thought the protein powder would HELP me, not HURT me. My only thought is that perhaps the combination of whey powder and my lifting weights = weight gain? Any insights into this???

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention my little HCG shot experience very early this morning. It went fine. I was trying really hard to feel the needle go in--but I didn't feel it. I did feel it when he pushed the medicine in, though, but it wasn't bad. Of course, I prepared for it by taking tylenol pm pain pills 2 hours previous to the shot and then had 10 minutes of an ice pack on my derrière. Yeah, those probably helped...a lot. So, now I will do the insemination tomorrow at 1:30pm. Wish me luck!

Sarah & I went VT again. As soon as we got there, Sherry had arrived home from the store. Her youngest child, H, age 3, ran up to Anna & Leia and sprayed febreeze in their faces. I don't know why I found it kind of funny. Perhaps because I think I sprayed a cleaner in my sister, Heather's face when she was young...anyhow. Anna handled it really well and we just went in & washed her face, no harm done. What a funny way to greet your's some cleaner in your face! Now that that's over, let's go play! ha ha.

While Anna was in school I became a busy little bee. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be on low mobility after the IUI, so I thought perhaps I should clean the house today so I won't feel guilty about not cleaning tomorrow...and it looks so nice. I can't express how a clean house brings happiness to me. Perhaps it stems from my Mom. We always knew the way to make her happy was to clean the house. For her birthday she would only ask that the house be clean--that was the present she wanted. Of course, being a gift person, I want gifts for my birthday + a clean house...does that mean I'm high maintenance???

Are you good at telling what age other people are?? I'm sure not. I took Anna to the park today and spent the whole time talking with another mom, named Kaeli. I thought she was in her mid-30s. Yeah, she's 25--YOUNGER THAN I AM. ha ha. I shouldn't speculate any's pointless.

(I'm the one who's almost 30...yikes!)

Tonight is girls' night at my house. We're going to eat ice cream and watch a sappy romance movie...from England. Yeah. I can't wait. What are you doing tonight?

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Dana said...

I can't stress how important it is to track where all your calories are coming from on a daily basis.

Go to FitDay and start inputting what you eat each day. it lets you input your excercise/physical activity (including BD with Tyler!) and tells you how many calories you burn based on your height and weight. You can set a weight goal (mine is to be down to 190 by September) and even input special food that you eat that aren't in the database they have so you have a more ACCURATE Count of what you're eating. Plus, it breaks down how many calories are coming from fat, protein and carbs. It's really great, Jilly. Try it! It's another habit to get used to and for me, it helps that is my homepage. =)

Don't be discouraged. Are you taking measurements? If not, measure yourself today and then again in one week. Also, it's best to weigh yourself at the same time of the day, everytime, and in the same clothes, because you weigh differently in the morning than at night.

Weight loss like yours and mine has to be gradual to be helpful. It's nice to get fast results, but the faster they are, the less likely they are to be long-term. I'm so proud of you for making exercise such a huge part of your life. You'll do it, I know you will. Just, as with everything else in your life it seems, be patient. =)

oh, and, you DO need a lot of protein. They say you should consume 1/3 of a gram of protein per pound of body weight. I need about 80g a day. It sounds like a lot, but really, it's not. I had around 123g. today, and I consumed 1831 calories.