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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

200 million

Went to the YMCA. I did 5 minutes on the elliptical when my right knee started I switched to the treadmill...did that for 25 minutes before my back started hurting...switched to arm weights for 20 minutes...what is wrong with me?? Am I falling apart all at once? It doesn't help that my teeth on the right side of my mouth have been aching for the past 2 days...what's that all about?! It feels like I gritted my teeth really hard and the teeth are crowded together..something like that...not sure how to explain except for one word: PAIN. Tyler hasn't signed us up for the dental coverage yet...I just told him about the pain today so hopefully we'll get signed up tomorrow. He's such a good husband.

So here's the scenario: Anna gets on the bus at 12:30pm, we have to collect the sample for the insemination (IUI) and be at the hospital at 1pm. Well, it takes 15 minutes to get to the hospital. And, Anna's bus was 5 minutes late today...any other day that wouldn't have mattered...but TODAY it did!!! Can you feel the stress? Yeah, so that gave us 10 minutes to collect it and jump in the car and get down there...somehow we made it. We took our sample to be "cleaned" & "spinned" down. It looked like such a small sample by the time they were done spinning it. I asked how many sperm it contained: 200 million. Yeah. That's a small army. So after it was inserted I waited for ten minutes then we came home. My sweet husband just spent the afternoon pampering me. What a guy! We watched a movie and then he took Anna to swim lessons while I lounged around taking full advantage of the "low mobility" orders the good doctor gave me for the next day.

My friend, Dana, introduced me to this fun way to track what you eat. It looks like a good plan. I entered all I ate today + exercise...we'll see how it goes. (thanks Dane)


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of you and praying for you all day. Make sure you do very little for a few days. Legs up as much as possible. I've been told that can help with the results. :) just be happy!! Love to you all. suz

Dana said...

While you're resting and relaxin, you should watch one of my FAVORITE Friends episodes from Season 4: "The One with the Embryoes". I'm sure you don't WATCH friends, but Phoebe gets implanted with embryoes when she agrees to be a surrogate mother for her brother. She even sits on a chair with her legs up in the air...quite funny...

I love you and wish you luck in this endeavor. I'm prayin for you!

Josephus said...

Whoa- didnt know you two were taking that route- are you able to choose the sex of the baby with the spinning to?