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Friday, May 04, 2007

Above Average

This morning we went to the YMCA. I did 30 on E, 10 on B (bike), 20 on LW. It felt great to exercise and I think the bike worked my legs pretty well. :)

Tyler & I went with Anna to meet with her teachers at pre-k. We discussed her IEP and they informed us that Anna no longer requires special needs assistance. In the past she has been delayed in her communication skills--but she is average in most areas and above average in others. I'm so pleased with her progress. She's such a smart girl.

Leia came over to play with Anna today. They had a really good time for the most part. Anna just loves playing with her. We had a friend, Daniel, come over to do a sales pitch for this. He's just starting to work for this company and it was his first presentation. He said it would take about 2 hours...which I thought sounded like a long time....I had no idea it would be 4 hours! He's such a nice guy, so we didn't mind helping him out. Of course, we'sus po' folks and so we couldn't purchase the deal he offered us which was a few thousand...YIKES.

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