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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tisk Tisk

So I don't really have a good "title" for this blog today...

We woke up & Anna went with me to the Y. I did 45 on E (because Sarah asked me to...I was only planning on doing 30 on E...thanks Sarah!), then 15 on AW. Once the workout was over I realized that it was 11:30am...and I have two voice lessons in my home at 12pm. YIKES! So Sarah took Anna for me--so she wouldn't miss out on prime mat time--and I raced home, showered, and barely got myself together for the lessons. They went well, too. I think I'm really getting the hang of voice least with the 3 students that I currently have.

After the lessons I went over to Sarah's to pick Anna up...but I ended up chatting with Sarah for a couple of hours....then went to wal-mart to buy some STUFF, came home & made some yummy submarine sandwiches. I must be on a sub sandwich kick--I rarely eat sandwiches so this is quite out of the norm for me--YUM!

By the time Tyler came home from his Priesthood leadership meeting for Stake Conference today--I was in a snit. Anything/everything was borderline bugging me. He suggested that I go to the adult SC meeting tonight...I didn't want to go--I was in a bad mood after all--so I tried to reason that he should be the one to go...but being the good man that he was, he encouraged me to go and I did. And it was wonderful. So there.

Anna wanted to make 12 layer jello today since Leia & her family are coming over for dinner tomorrow. We have about 6 layers done thus far. I need to do 2 more tonight so I can do the latter 4 tomorrow. I also made my 3 layer strawberries & cream cake since we had some strawberries...that's such a pretty cake. Tomorrow I"m making a recipe from my Mom called PARTY BEEF CASSEROLE. It has stew beef on the bottom of the casserole dish, topped with yummy seasonings, peas, and mashed potatoes on top. It is HEAVEN. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. I must warn you, however, that I tend to go for time consuming recipes and this is definitely one of them, but VERY worth the work.

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