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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bring Out The BIG GUNS

This morning was not the norm for us. Instead of hitting the Y, Anna & I went on-base to the hospital. I had my blood drawn for a pg test (which of course I already knew was negative) and the gal who drew the blood didn't get it right the first time so she kept pushing the needle in further and further...even thinking back on this causes me to shudder!!! We went up to the women's health clinic & I watched a nifty little video on the injection gonal-F that I'll be doing this cycle. Then we went down to the pharmacy (all in one building, I love the military). We waited and waited and waited...apparantely my prescription for gonal-F hadn't been put in the computer. We waited for 50 minutes...I was pretty impatient by that point and Anna, bless her heart, was her 5 year-old bubbly self while I probably sat with a scowl on my face. I was worried about doing the injection, they were taking FOREVER to fill my prescription, by the time it did come we weren't going to make it home before the bus was coming to get Anna & I still had to run to the other side of the base before going home. *sigh* So I called the bus barn to say I would be taking her to school, I ran my errands & then took my wonderful, patient girl to Wendy's for lunch. She's such a great child--I'm so blessed to have her. I took her to school, then came home & showered (silly me, I thought I would have enough time to hit the Y after my on-base errands so I was dressed in my workout clothes...) quickly and ran over to Glittersmama's house to have her assist me in my injection around 2pm. It was a succes! (meaning, I didn't screw it up). I didn't even feel the needle--I forget the gage of it, and what an odd way to refer to the needle, by gages...I picture a gun when I hear the word "gage." Anyhow, it went well and I insisted on putting on a bandaid even though it didn't bleed--perhaps to prove that I did it. I came home & did a voice lesson for Lea. She's doing great. Anna came home and I tried to entertain her and keep my sanity until Tyler came to take her to swimming lessons. Now I'm going to just relax & watch on of my movies that came from Blockbuster today. I actually just cancelled blockbuster & signed back on with netflix. Blockbuster doesn't have NEAR the variety that netflix has, especially in the foreign genre with is what I usually want.

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