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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May Flowers

I like to have something to look forward to in my day-to-day living. When I was 14 I would yearn for that one saturday night a month--Youth Dances, baby. I could not wait until the next dance. It seriously helped me get through high school-my love of dances. I mentioned that my brother was going to arrive today. I was so looking forward to that--but unfortunately, his trip has been postponed for a month. It's hard to have something fun about to happen and doesn't. At least he will be coming, just not yet. So guess what I'll be looking forward to for the next month?!

We went to the Y. I did 45 on E and 15 on AW. Anna went to school and I checked email, put away laundry, did dishes...nothing too eventful. Today is Glittersmama's birthday, so I got to watch little Glitter while she & her hubby went out for dinner. It's been a LONG time since I've spoon-fed a little baby...what a sweetheart she is! And Anna did wonderfully with her--she's quite attentive. I know she'll be a super big sis when the time comes.

Our first iris bloomed today. I must admit, neither Tyler nor I even knew what an iris looked like. We only knew that we planted them in our flower garden--and we only did that because the previous owners had planted irises in it. But here are some photos--it's really quite lovely to look at.

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jess said...

about the japanese maple... i think it's probably 20 years old or so. it is pretty big, and it seems like it was planted when the house was built. i love, love, love it. it is brenna's favorite reading tree--she sits in its branches with a book. usually the secret garden. :)