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Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm The One To Ask

If you're wanting to ruin a perfectly good day of dieting--then I am the person you should ask. Yesterday, I carefully ate each meal trying to keep my protein up and bad carbs down. It felt so good, although I was craving something sweet as the evening came. Then in the evening the Schwans man came by...and I bought some vanilla ice cream. Yeah. May I also mention that last week I bought some root beer? A dangerous combination. So, after my great day of eating--I somehow managed to drink not 1, not 2, but 3 root beer floats before 12:30am when I went to bed with a tummy ache (I wonder why). UGH.

Today I managed my diet pretty well--protein shake for breakfast, veggies & some spaghettios (the fun ABC letter shape ones!) for lunch, organic whole wheat pasta with ragu sauce, corn on the cob, and lime jello with pears...then it happened. I had promised Anna some ice cream after we thoroughly organized her room I had a root beer float. You'd think I wouldn't be interested in another root beer float. After all, I did have 3 yesterday...yet it didn't matter--it tasted SO good. *SIGH* Will I ever move past this? Perhaps after all the root beer & ice cream are gone...

Anna & I went garage sale-ing this morning. We found a complete Barbie twin sheet set for $1, some shorts & shirts for 50 cents each. I was pleased but wanted more summer clothes for Anna who is 5 years old but wears 6-7 size clothes. I did find some cute clothes in her size but they were overpriced for me. I won't pay $3 for a pair of just "okay" jean shorts. I can buy some for $1.99 at the thrift store! Seriously, if you're going to have a garage sale, it's only fair you price your kids clothes really cheap---otherwise you won't get my money.

We went to the Y afterward and I did 30 on E, 15 on AW. We came home & had lunch. I showered & then we organized Anna's room. I made dinner and we decided that with the LOVELY hot weather it was time to get out the swimming pool. Anna, all decked out in her swimsuit once she heard the news, was eager to get the pool full of water (although cold, since it's from the water hose). Tyler, being the wonderful, analytical, perfectionistic man that he is couldn't bring himself to set up the pool until he "leveled" the area where it would be. That "leveling" has taken 3 hours thus far and it's not done yet. I must say that although Tyler works slowly--he is very thorough and he always does an excellent job. :)

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