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Sunday, May 27, 2007


The gym floor in our ward building was resurfaced this past week. Due to fumes, we were asked to attend another ward in the area. We went to the fairborn ward, since we attended that ward for 2 months last year. Plus, we also know Kathey & her family and it was fun to see them. :)

This afternoon was nice and slow. Tyler took a nap while Anna watched some "Jesus" movies, i.e. Living Scripture DVDs. I decided to be ambitious and try my Dad's famous wienerschnitzel recipe for dinner. Here are some photos, it really turned out quite tasty! Of course I made mashed potatoes, rolls, green beans, & gravy. ZER GUT!

Tyler went out with the missionaries to visit a couple taking the discussions. Anna & I are enjoying the nice, cool weather. It was perfect for a day like today--when I was doing lots of cooking/baking. Very nice.

My grandparents will be stopping through OH in a week or so, and I have plans to interview them with questions about their lives, etc. I want to know what you would ask your relatives if you interviewed them. Please share any & all thoughts!

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Kathey said...

Be sure to record what your grandparents say. Ask them what their childhood homes were like. What hobbies and interests did they have. Favorite school subjects. How far did they go in school? Special talents? Something they especially remember that they did, or that happened to them. trips they took. What do they remember about the USA at that time? What was the condition of most roads. What were cars like? What was the average income?

These are just a few suggestions. You can have lots of fun with this. ENJOY! What a fun opportunity.

OH, ask them all you can about their parents. Dates if you don't already have them. How did their parents meet? What do they know about their parents' childhoods-education-employment, siblings, etc. Did they have any special talents or hobbies? Were they well-known in the family or in the community for something?