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Friday, June 08, 2007

Chocolate Pudding

I went in & had some more blood drawn today. Guess what? The results were 11. That means that they have ruled out the ectopic pregnancy and now it just means I've had a miscarriage. I'm excited about the news. I'm sure that had I known/thought I was pregnant for a few months & then have had a miscarriage that I would now be devastated. But, I didn't know and didn't even suspect I could have been pregnant, so it wasn't a huge upsetting thing for me. I am happy that at least something is working better--the egg did fertilize! Hooray! So, all is well in Jill's world once again. Thanks for being here to share it with me.

Anna had her first ever dentist cleaning today. She did SO WELL. I was very pleased with her behavior. She even got a Princess Belle toothbrush. She did so well that I decided to treat her to McDonald's for lunch. I called & invited Maria & Elizabeth to join us there. We had a very nice time.

We came home & watched a movie. Then I talked on the phone with Coulter, Nina, Suzanne, & Nilma. It was so nice to talk with all of them! Tyler got to come home early which was nice. We made some dinner and then I decided to try out some of the Chocolate Pudding that I got via Cannery. Let me tell you--it wasn't bad, it was pretty good, actually. If we were only to eat food storage from today on, we wouldn't be upset with our only outlet for chocolate/sweet treats!

We're going to watch Bryant & Avery tonight. Of course, Anna is thrilled! I'm choosing my next cross stitch project. This is way overdue. Cross stitching truly relaxes me. I don't know what it is about stitching some floss in little x's for hours at a time, but I love it. What is your hobby that relaxes you?

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