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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Well, I went in for the follow-up blood test. They called me late this afternoon (this was one phone call that felt like it took forever to be received!) and said that my count went from 12 (on tuesday) to 16 (today). That isn't good. The nurse said it is indicative of an ectopic pregnancy, also called tubal pregnancy. I looked up some information on ectopic pregnancies and found some symptoms that look familiar. I am having some pregnancy-like symptoms=frequent urination, crying, & increased sense of smell. I am having some lower back pain and pain in my neck & shoulder--which I read was indicative of ectopic pregnancy. Needless to say, it doesn't look like a good situation to find myself in. I'm not sure how my doctor will proceed with this information, assuming it is true. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go in to have another blood draw. With all my symptoms, though, it seems like I am experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. I'll be honest. This is very new and scary to me. It lowers the chance of becoming pregnant (something I'm already struggling with) and increases the likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy happening in the future. I pray that Heavenly Father will help me through this trial. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Anna had swimming lessons today and she did so well! She's quite the little fish. I saw my friend, Maria, & her daughter, Elizabeth, also at the Y. Anna & Elizabeth played while Maria & I chatted. We need to get together sometime soon.

I went VT to see Sherry & Angela. Both visits were really nice. I so enjoy the sisters that we VT. Sarah came over to hang out while Leia played with Anna. She's always fun to hang out with. She's a great friend. I made taco salad for dinner and Tyler went to Columbus for his last final of this quarter. He'll get the next week off, which will be nice. Right now I don't feel like I could accomplish very much, my emotions are on the surface and I feel like I couldn't get through a conversation with anyone without crying.


Nina said...

Oh Jill I am so sorry. You must be terrified. This really is a bad news day. My sister decided to get an abortion yesterday because her pregnancy was growing very dangerous. My heart aches for both of you. Call me (4056126651) if you want to talk or need anything. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Jill I just caught up on your blog today and what a lot to take in. Everything will work out and don't forget that there is a special plan for you. Just keep doing what's right and you know all will work out. I'm asking Heavenly Father to give you what you need while your going through this.

Anna is so sweet. All the pictures are fun to see of her. She is a special girl.

Tuan's Princess said...

Jill - adding my prayers to the pile. I hope that everything turns out the way you want. Take care and call if you need to. Love you lots,