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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This morning I went to the Y earlier to workout before Anna's swimming lessons, then we went to consign on base, went to the bank, & library, too. Came home & I did some dishes, swept the floor and pretty much anything except laundry. Yeah. I have a mountain of laundry in our you ever just wish laundry would somehow just put itself away to save you the trouble? Well, I just looked and it's still there...perhaps I can convince myself to do it tomorrow, having spent 4 days on the floor by then it will probably need to be washed again...ha ha.

Anna went over to Glittersmama's house so Tyler & I could go to the Temple. We hadn't been in 2 months and I was eager to go. I seriously need to feel the peace that comes with being in the Temple. We did some sealings and it was wonderful! My goal for our next move is that we'll be closer to the Temple. We're only an hour away right now, but it was great living in Provo and I could drive 5 minutes to the Provo Temple and get in within 20 minutes. It's amazing how often a new session starts there! (and no appointments either!)

Being active in the LDS church, I do not partake of alcohol or any type of drugs. However, we do have one common drug: FOOD. At practically every function there is some type of food. And typically it's a sweet treat, which isn't helpful for me who needs to lose, oh, about 150lbs?? Yeah. My grandma said it best that I've had a life-long love affair with food. I enjoy cooking/baking/presenting ornate dishes. It's fun. And we all HAVE to eat, don't we? It's not like it's something I can just stop doing and still survive. I feel good when I eat, and I don't seem to have many other activities that make me feel as good as when I'm eating something tasty. I read a book recommended to me by Melisa that was called "Running with Angels." It was a story about an overweight LDS woman who battled with her weight & exercise and how she lost a lot of weight & went on to run a marathon. It was a great book & very inspirational. I wish I heard more talks about the dilemma of obesity in the church. I know that my body is a Temple. I want to take good care of it, but it seems that I can't or won't for an extended amount of time. It's rough, I tell you.


Tuan's Princess said...

I recently read that book - it was very inspireing. I really enjoyed it. I love baking goodies too - I feel ya!

Melisa said...

Laundry is not so fun.

We are still going to be about 2 hrs from a temple when we move. Heavy sigh. I haven't been in ages between the time to drive, being sick, Brad being out of town, nursing baby etc. I would venture that it has been nearly a year since doing a session (I have been to 2 sealings though). We hope to go one last time tomorrow before we move. We are going to take all 3 kids with us and take turns. Not my favorite idea, but not a lot of other good options.

I'm glad you liked the book! I had lent it to a friend, and just got it back. It is definitely not easy, but I'm so impressed at how dedicated you are to your exercise routine. You can do it!