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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fun or not-so-fun?

Anna got her "report card" from swimming lessons. She is again moving up to the next class: Starfish. She really is swimming well. I hope this is something that she will continue to enjoy throughout her life. I feel it's important for everyone to learn how to swim because you never know when you might need to know how. The same thing applies to learning to drive a stick shift.

I finally attempted to work on the laundry and it's amazing how after you fold a mountain of laundry how little space it takes up on the floor! Sadly, though, I haven't put it all away, but I'm much closer than I've been all week!

This afternoon we met our friends, Nathan & Heather, at Chuck E. Cheese's about 25 minutes away. I've only been about 4 times, I think, but it's different when you go as a child versus going with your child. Anna's personality instantly changed as we entered the room. She needed those tokens and she needed them NOW. We insisted that she eat dinner before playing games--she was complaining that she was rumbly in her tumbly the whole drive down. Of course, she couldn't feel those hunger pangs when there were so many games to play! We had fun talking with the family and watching the girls have a good time, but all-in-all, it was extremely overstimulating. And not just for Anna---for her parents, too! I can safely say that I probably won't go there for a long time. We had thought to have Anna's birthday party there this year, but I can assure you that won't be happening. The pizza wasn't very good and it was overpriced, the places was full of kids. Tyler even had this little girl come up to him begging for tokens. He said she should find her mom and the girl said she couldn't. Tyler replied that the little girl had better locate her mom before doing anything else, to which the girl asked if she could have 2 tokens instead of just 1. Yeah, those kinds of places just don't mesh well with us, I guess. We went to incredible pizza with Melisa's family, but I don't remember the same chaos there...refresh my mind, Melisa, was it that bad when we went??

Now we're just relaxing our home. I just love this house. I'm so happy to be in a home that I feel completely comfortable in--I don't remember feeling this way about our previous house. Life is GOOD.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when you were about 3 and we went to Chuckie Cheese. You didn't want to leave. Dad took you back a LOT so you would trust us when we said we would go back! Fun Memories!
Love, Suz and Dad