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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Graduation, already?!

A couple weeks ago I got a form from Anna's school requesting $10 for pre-school graduation costs. I didn't think the school needed any more money from me--we pay taxes, right? So I threw the form away and didn't think much of it. Honestly, I figured that Anna just wouldn't go to the graduation. We graduate from high school & college, not pre-k. I thought the whole thing was downright silly. However, Anna was coming home from school all pumped up for this graduation that was coming and she said that her teacher said we needed to send some money to purchase Anna's graduation tee-shirt. The next morning, I found that Anna had taken the money change that she had been collecting in her bedroom and put it in her backpack to take to school. How precious. I finally caved and paid the $10. Yesterday was the GRADUATION. We had to be there early so Anna could get ready and we waited in a humid gym. There were TONS of people. There were about 20 "graduates" and every possible relative seemed to be there. The principle began handing out kleenex to all the parents. Oh please, they're only 5 years old!!! Then they started playing pomp & circumstance (you know, the graduation song that we all know so well). Slowly the children starting filing in.

Once I saw this precious baby girl of mine walking with her graduation hat on, I couldn't help myself. My eyes started tearing up. I was so proud of what she had accomplished. Then I wished I had grabbed one of those tissues. It then occurred to me that there's nothing wrong with setting an example for our children by having them "graduate" from pre-k. It will prepare them for future graduations. My whole outlook completely changed. It was a day to remember. :)

Nice picture
Silly picture
Anna & Krizdin. They're such cute girls!

Well, at noon we went on-base to the spouse appreciation picnic. They had hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, & water. (a diet's dream of a meal, eh?). They had bingo, door prizes, free stuff, etc. They even had a real firetruck where the kids could spray the fire hose--Anna loved that!

After that Anna went with Tyler to the library & I went shopping at the commissary. It was really nice being able to buy food that was more conducive to my low calorie diet. (I actually have food in my kitchen that I can eat! Hooray!)

We came home & Anna swam while I put away groceries and Tyler headed off to SAMS. When he returned, he brought me a bouquet of lovely roses. I was so surprised = big brownie points. He's so good to me.

Then I ran some more errands: ALDI & Wal-mart. I wanted to buy an egg crate to go on our guest bed, but it cost $35 for a full-size egg crate. CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!! I just couldn't do it.

Then Tyler & I watched the second half of ELIZABETH, THE VIRGIN QUEEN from the BBC. It was interesting. I've always been fascinated with the story of Anne Boleyn & her daughter Elizabeth. Fun stuff.


Melisa said...

How cute is that?! I would have LOVED it if Jaden's school had done one of those. I would have been one of the people bringing an entire box of kleenex. That $10 was VERY well spent!

Anonymous said...

How many ways can I say cute?!!! I used to have a kindergarten grad with my little class! Fun!
Love, Suz