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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hand & Foot

I got to sleep in today--something I haven't done in over a week. I was desperately needing some sound sleep. Of course, I'm writing this post at midnight and tomorrow is church so you know that I won't be getting my full 9 hours tonight! (supposedly I need 9 hours, perhaps due to sleep apnea? not sure)

On saturdays we try to have a nice breakfast and Anna wanted pancakes, so we had those. I went with Angela to get a pedicure. My toes are a lovely shade of orange, perfect for the summer. (perfect for me, since I love orange)

I taught 2 voice lessons, they went well. Maria & Elizabeth came over to hang out. There was a baptism tonight at the church and I wasn't sure if it was too early to invite Maria to it--but Elizabeth was adament that they come as well, so sure enough they did come to it. It was a wonderful baptism. I really felt the Spirit there. I was needing to feel it--I have been really down lately with all the fertility woes, but what I heard at the baptism really helped me & buoyed me up. It was a good thing to be there. I wish that more people could have come, it was pretty empty, but the Spirit was strong. I wonder what Maria felt. She left pretty quickly afterwards, so I wonder if she felt anything during the baptism. We'll see.

We invited Valene & Trent over for some hand & foot (remember those days, Melisa?) and some homemade tapioca. It was really fun to play some games.


Melisa said...

Sorry, been blog-absent lately. Looks like you've been quite busy.

Sounds like you've had a rough week with fertility issues. Ugh. No wonder you were so stressed!

I'll bet Tyler is relieved to have this quarter done. First one under his belt. Yeah!

I'm glad the pudding was good. We need to work on our food storage.

Can't wait to play cards with you guys. Hope to see you soon!

Carina said...

Do the doctors think you have sleep apnea? My sister Kirsti has it, and my husband was just diagnosed as well...they both use that CPAP machine, which seems to be helping (Cody's only had his since Friday, and he still hasn't been able to use it for a whole night, but we're getting there). I wonder if you need the same kind of thing? Both Kirsti and Cody say they can see improvement in the quality of their sleep...just wondered if you've ever had it checked out. Good luck with fertility issues and the missionary work--we're rooting for you!