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Friday, June 15, 2007


This morning I got a call from Jenn, inviting Anna & I to go hiking at a nearby place called Charleston was really neat! I was a bit concerned about how much I could handle in the hiking department, but I was able to do everything and didn't hurt myself at all in the process! Anna, however, fell down 2 times and was scared to do some of the hiking, which surprised me, since Anna isn't usually scared to do ANYTHING. Here are some photos:
Laura, Celeste, & cute!

Me & Anna...being a stinker & not smiling because she didn't want to be where we were...sigh

Celeste, Michael, Laura, & Anna...out on the trail!

This was a really neat area where the stream went over some flat rock, The kids really enjoyed walking through it. This park area had a trail, some small waterfalls with fish in the bottom, was almost completely shaded with trees, just a great place to go!

I did more laundry (it never ends) and Anna swam for a bit in the backyard. Tyler came home & we ate some homemade hawaiian pizza--so tasty! Tyler knowing that I was in need of some down time, took Anna to the store with my grocery list. Isn't he wonderful? Yes, yes he really is.

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Melisa said...

I want to go! What a gorgeous hike!