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Monday, June 11, 2007

I adore you

This morning Anna had her swimming lessons and she did wonderfully. Although, I tend to worry a lot when she dives down and touches the bottom of the pool with her legs flailing in the air. *sigh* I'm a nervous mama.

We went to the hospital to have some more blood drawn. Incidentally, they didn't call me with the number on it. I hope it's lower than 11. We went to the commissary to buy some groceries. Came home and I made that wonderful chocolate cake. You know the one. It's the chocolate cake with hot fudge poked through the top with whip cream over it. YUM! We had our good friends over for dinner/fhe/games. It was really fun. We had a great time. And Anna enjoyed playing with little glitter.

Last night my husband said, to me, "I adore you." I know that the words "I love you" are very powerful, but when you hear the words "I adore you," it seems to be a very powerful phrase as well. I'm adored, isn't that wonderful? I like the idea of being adored and love the idea of actually being adored.

Last night we watched the first & second Work & The Glory dvds. Tonight we're going to watch the third & final one. I'm excited!!!

Pampering. Okay ladies, and some men--but that might be weird, tell me how you pamper yourself. I want to know what you do just for you. Pedicures? A good book? Godiva chocolate?


Melisa said...

I love what a social gal you are. It is really inspirational. You seem to have company over all the time. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I don't consider it pampering myself. I consider it being single and treating myself to anything I dang well please, as long as I have the money.

Chinese food
Thai food
other books

Pretty much in that order. But these are things I don't get to do all the time. Since no one is here to treat me special, I have taken it upon myself to treat myself. Since you asked....


Carina said...

Ooooh, now that you mention it, I really want to get a pedicure...I had a couple when I first got back from my mission (believe me, my feet really needed it) and they were divine. My mom had me get a facial before my wedding, which was also one of the most relaxing things ever. I'd say one of the best ways I pamper myself is to get some ice cream--what flavor? depends on my mood--and curl up with either a good book or a good chick flick. That, and get my husband to massage my back...yeah, that's the stuff. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well pampering, I'm all about that. Sometimes I wonder if maybe a little too much. I love , love, to get massages. From my husband are good, but a professional, love it!! I like to go and have girls nights or weekends. It is so fun. You can shop, eat, tell stories, chat, whatever. Anything I get to do that involves staying up late with friends and not getting woke up early the next morning counts. A group of friends and I also go scrappbooking from 3pm-12am every other month. That is pure pampering too, I get so much done and get to hang out with the girls as well. What do you do??

Tuan's Princess said...

Well, I will usually bake something yummy. Muffins, brownies, sweet bread, cookies. Hmm, I'm hungry now! :oD But lately I have been turning to food too much and I need to find other ways to calm down.

Dana said...

I loooooooove to allow myself alone time to read or nap or take a bubble bath. the apartment I live in has 2 jetted bathtubs (shared each by two people) and right now, I'm the only one using mine. I'll sit in there and listen to Evanescence with candles lit and just read or fun...and it reminds me of the Friend's episode where Chandler takes a Bath..LOL